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    these are the stories I want in my feed

    no one better to choose from to put huge amounts of drugs up their butt than a gay porn star am i right

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    How to spot a pharmacy student

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    If you don’t like Elizabeth Swann you’re wrong.

    Keira Knightley was 17 there


    Yup Keira was 16/17 for the filming of the first Pirates movie and here I am at 20, and all I’ve done today is study chemistry, eat cookies and cry a lot.

    i stopped loving her when shE BURNT TH FUCKING RUM

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    When he doesn’t know what to do with the booty


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    if you’re feeling embarrassed by middle school you, just remember during my scene phase my catch phrase was “pink is punk 101” which was influenced by zoey 101

    I went through an even worse phase…black. I always sagged my pants, and even had a do-rag. 

    That’s actually pretty racist

    More like incredibly racist.


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    no mom, I can’t make my bed, I’m too busy being a wicked cool bad ass rebel punk also can you make me a grilled cheese

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    going to mcdonald’s for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug

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    there’s something really gay about two men having sex with each other

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    Signal boosting in case anyone needed to know this. 

    This is informative as heck. Show this to everyone!

    This is actually some great info! Why can’t they teach this kind of thing in school??

    Wow, I’ve taken health and sex ed three times during my educational process and never learned any of this. Thanks.

    Definitely some important information here!

    this is supa awesome.  i do think it should be noted that side effects of EC *really* vary.  when I took EC I didn’t have any symptoms whatsoever.  

    The more you know~

    When I took EC, my period went missing for three months. Freaked me the hell out, despite having negative pregnancy tests. You cannot imagine how relieved I was to have it back.

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    the good news is that i had time to stop for a frappe

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